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Advice Unlimited

Advice Unlimited

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking the Next Step: How Public Relations Can Help Your Organization Succeed in a Competitive Government Marketplace

Public Relations has long been regarded as the foundation for successful marketing. Effective public relations can build your company’s brand recognition, your company’s exposure in key markets, and can help establish your credibility on issues that are important to your customers. Using targeted, strategic press placements, public relations can help you reach the right people in government, sharing your organization’s story and educating them about your unique value proposition.

Effective public relations is best accomplished by retaining the services of a public relations firm that specializes in your target market. Especially in the government marketplace, where government decision makers and influencers rely heavily on government trade publications for information, insights, and education to help them make buying decisions, choosing a firm with years of government expertise will help you maximize the value of this investment. Because of its complexity, government is often considered a “high-barrier-to-entry” market. Retaining a firm with solid depth of knowledge in government can help ensure that your organization gets consistent, positive press coverage – delivering your message to your target audience appropriately and effectively.

Why Government-Focused Public Relations Works

Trade press carries much greater clout in government; government-focused public relations can leverage this to your advantage, helping your company tell its story, champion its successes and customers in this highly credible forum.

Unlike advertising, which is recognized as a “paid-for” opportunity, earned publicity has much more credibility, is far less costly, and can yield significantly greater ROI. Particularly in the government space, where procurement rules are so different, government trade publications carry a lot of weight with decision makers faced with buying decisions. They need information, education and understanding of the many options available to help them solve their IT challenges. Government-facing public relations can help you position your organization to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Can You Use Public Relations in the Government Marketplace?

Launch a targeted media campaign for a specific sales effort or contract opportunity.

Many government organizations face similar types of challenges. By highlighting a successful implementation of your solution that solved a problem at one government agency, you build credibility with other agencies. Focused PR can help you tell this success story, through the publications your prospects read and trust.

Retaining the services of a government-facing public relations firm can be instrumental in promoting your involvement with certain contracts – regardless of your organization’s size or your status within the contract hierarchy. How? PR firms that focus specifically on government often have stronger relationships with government public affairs officers and have a deeper understanding of the strict approval process that must be followed.

Since 1983, Advice Unlimited has helped businesses selling to the government tell their story to the audience that matters most: government decision makers and influencers. Through our strategic approach, our extensive understanding of the government marketplace, and the relationships we maintain with tier-one government editors, reporters, publications, and government organizations, we consistently secure positive press coverage that tells your company’s story in the publications your customers read and trust – month after month after month. Working with startups and industry leaders, we have always delivered consistent, positive coverage for all of our clients – for more than 27 years!