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Advice Unlimited

Advice Unlimited

Friday, February 25, 2011

Writing for the Web

We’re revamping our website (I know, it’s time!), and in working on the copy for the new site, I’m reminded of the significant differences in writing for the web vs. print. So in the spirit of providing unlimited advice, I wanted to share some key points to keep in mind when writing for the web:

1.What’s the point? Make your key point upfront – and clearly. Elaborate, explain,
substantiate later.

2. Short and simple: Keep your writing succinct. We all want it fast online.

3. Be bold: Bold is good – it helps to draw the eye, and people can scan and get the meat of
your comments quickly.

4. Casual works: We use the web for business, so our writing is still professional, but a bit of
a conversational tone is fine – and often even appreciated. Know your audience and your
format, and go for a more casual tone when appropriate.

5. Don’t skimp when it matters: This post is consciously short and sweet, but when you
have something important to say, say it. Just keep sentences within the post/article/essay
short, focused and relevant.

6. Respect your reader’s time: This is true always, in all formats. Web readers seem to get
impatient faster, and take action more swiftly – after all, different information is just a click

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