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Advice Unlimited

Advice Unlimited

Friday, May 13, 2011

How NOT to plan a pr campaign

By now you’re probably aware of the unbelievably tacky and irresponsible pr campaign Burson-Marsteller – a pr firm that should definitely know better – attempted on behalf of its client, Facebook: TechCrunch’s coverage is entertaining as well as a great source for the details:

There are so many lessons to be learned from this incredibly poorly conceived stunt:

1. Taking the high road is always better – people will listen when you’re honorable in presenting facts and information;

2. Journalists do have standards and morals – and most of them will staunchly defend those standards and morals, that’s a big reason why they’re good journalists;

3. Throwing mud usually gets the thrower dirty, too – it may work occasionally in politics, but it’s a terrible approach to take, and reduces everyone involved to be less than they can be;

4. If you’re going to call out a negative about a competitor, take a stand and clearly identify yourself and your motives. Then if you’re right, you’ll be taken seriously.

I could go on...but you get the point. For the record, if you’re interested in launching a negative, underhanded campaign, don’t call me – we work for wonderful, honorable companies who understand the value of positive pr...

And if you’re foolish enough to get yourself into such a predicament, we provide great crisis communications expertise...

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